Project Management

SengS Project Management resources are available for internal or external projects, for the global oil & gas industry, for process plants, production platforms, and subsea projects.

SengS has experience in supplying management to external projects, for execution in-house or onsite, follow-up and verification of main component vendors, for production platforms, FPSOs and Land Terminals for the oil & gas industry.

SengS has competence within management of multi discipline projects, and projects related to Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Shutdown & IWOCS systems.

Experienced management resources are also available for management of subsea development projects, related to completion & workover systems and services.

SengS management are dedicated to working in integrated project teams, and to take on the responsibilities required for the different positions, including QHSE issues, planning, progress monitoring and reporting, cost and financial reporting and technical compliance with relevant regulations, standards and project requirements.

Multi Discipline Engineering Support

SengS Field Engineers and Project Engineers are available for project support and follow-up in oil & gas projects around the world. SengS also performs studies and analysis work, detailed design projects, work preparation activities and as-built documentation.

SengS has a team of experienced multi discipline or specialist engineers for project execution and follow-up, for in-house projects or onsite projects; onshore or in regular offshore rotation. Typical positions include;

  • Senior Engineers and Project Engineers (IRM – DSV/ROV & Pigging Services)
  • Discipline and Design Engineers
  • Work Package Engineers
  • Client Technical Reps (Platforms, FPSO’s, DSV, CSV & ROVSV)
  • Dive Technical Reps (DSV’s)
  • Mark-up of as-built documentation
  • Verification of final documentation

Responsibilities may include, IRM procedure development, review and approval of vendor documentation, verification and witnessing of testing at vendor’s location, Offshore Project engineering services (DSV, CSV & ROVSV ) as well as through all phases of work until technical trials or into commissioning, start-up and production.