SengS are industry experts in flushing and HP pressure testing equipment rentals Aberdeen for both onshore and offshore sectors.

Our pressure testing equipment rentals Aberdeen range from small test pumps to complete test and flushing systems for liquid or gas usage. We offer customers several test and flushing product options ranging from a bespoke solution to a pre-fabricated test unit for immediate usage.

We can provide a comprehensive range of electrical and diesel driven mobile flushing pressure testing equipment rentals Aberdeen, including Zone 1 rated units for onshore and offshore applications. All our units are suitable for use with mineral and synthetic oil and water based glycerol fluids for subsea hydraulic control lines.

Our high pressure mobile pump range consists of high pressure mobile hydrostatic pumps with pressure testing, chemical injection, valve actuator control, hydraulic cylinder actuation and hydraulic power with pressure output capability of up to 23,000 psi. google