Site Facilities for Hire – Site Description

SengS Ellon site facilities, has adequate space to perform test and assembly projects, such as: Completion & Workover Systems, X-mas Trees, Landing Strings, Running Tools, PR2 Testing, Ball & Gate valve repairs, Umbilical pressure testing, ROV / Tooling soak testing.

The facilities have adequate areas for outdoor and indoor testing, maintenance and storage of 3rd party components and equipment. Services include; inspection, repair and periodic maintenance of such components up to mobilisation for new campaigns.

The facilities also include office accommodation, canteens, welfare facilities etc for client or main contractor’s personnel. Adequate IT and communication facilities are available, including video conferencing systems.

Site Facilities

  • 990 sq Metres
  • 3 large Test Cells
  • Up to 60,000psi Test facility (1st in UK)
  • 20 tonne overhead crane
  • 5 tonne Auxiliary crane
  • PR2 & Hydrostatic Testing
  • Dedicated areas for Sampling & Analysis
  • Test Pit (4.5m x4.5m x 5m)