• Pre-commissioning Services (Onshore)
  • Flushing and System Testing
  • Fluid Filtering and Cleanliness Measurement Equipment
  • Cleanliness Verification to the appropriate standard
  • ISO 4406:1999
  • NAS 1638
  • SAE 4059D
  • De-Watering and Drying of Hydroscopic Fluids

Furthermore SengS offer a wide range of various flushing units/rigs with diesel-engine drive and electrical drive options for sale and hire.
We have a comprehensive range of electrically and diesel driven mobile flushing units including Zone 1 rated units for offshore or onshore use. Machines are designed to operate on hydraulic oils, water based sub-sea control line fluids and pure water.

Our large diesel driven units are typically used on-site in fabrication yards for the flushing of diesel fuel lines, lubrication lines and crane hydraulic systems. Flow rates from 26l/min up to 1000 l/min and pressure ranges up to 345 Bar (5000 psi)

Particle Counters – to measure fluid cleanliness and optimise flushing time. The systems we provide are capable of certifying fluid cleanliness to any international standard or classification including ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638 and SAE AS 4059

Mobile flushing units for sale and hire:

  • Offshore electrical flushing units (UK and Norwegian standards)
  • Onshore electrical flushing units (UK and Norwegian standards)
  • Air driven flushing units (UK and Norwegian standards)
  • Accumulators Filter units Transfer pumps
  • Fluid analysis equipment Purifier/oil drier